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We analyze tens of thousands of products and 100 million plus data points using AI to detect signal for how a product is performing. Advanced machine learning filters out fraudulent reviews to deliver accurate and reliable insights about product performance.

Wake up feeling rested

Improved eye health

Reduced insomnia

Better emotional control

Improved restless sleep

Decreased age spots

Reduced brain fog

Improved sleep

Improve eye bags

Bone health improvements

Sleep longer

Improved waking up

Sleep through the night

Fall asleep faster

Improved arthritis

Improved digestive health

Improved insomia

Energy improvements

Lower cholesterol

Improved getting out of bed

Faster recovery

Fitness improvements

Reduced restless sleep

Better memory

Improved immune system

caused discoloration in fingernails

increased suicidal thoughts

bad dreams

Increased abdominal pain

fingernails became more brittle

Increased bone fractures

started feeling confused

intensified seasonal allergies

caused vitamin deficiency

LDL increased

triggered eye pain

worsened erectile dysfunction

worsened restless legs

caused goiter

caused burning sensation

caused runny nose

cannot remember dreams

chest tightness

trouble breathing

caused hives

triglycerides increased

caused facial pain

Increased joint pain

decreased arousal

resulted in dry eyes

Large and clinically-validated set of performance labels, both positive and negative, are detected and quantified to allow unparalleled insight and transparency into how consumers perceive products.

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Use Newos analytics to process consumer product observations and understand what they mean for product performance and consumer experience.

Extensive consumer research

Unlimited by the cost or scale of structured trials. Newos data can proxy as large population product trial data.

Detailed product insights

Newos processes hundreds of potential product performance outcomes for every product. The broad approach to product investigation identifies product use cases, and consumer observations.

Category: Brain Function

Product Insights

Confirmed purchasers have provided the following insight into the primary benefits they experienced with this product.

Product A


Overall Positive Score


Improved Focus & Alertness


Improved Energy


Improved Sleep


Improved Memory


Improved Physical Recovery


Improved Mood


Improved Pain


Improved Skin


Key Point Analysis

Summary of key consumer observations with related citations.

Focus and alertness

I can definitely say that I am more alert and sharp when it comes to job performance!

I take two a day and have noticed/have been noticing a tremendous help for brain support. The feeling is on par with being more alert.
I feel mentally fresh and focused after taking


I can tell a difference in my energy level after taking this supplement
Feel more energized since I have been taking them. Also my head feels more clear when before it always felt foggy
I take this in the morning and I have noticed it greatly reduces my fatigue!


It just feel like natural relaxation into natural sleep. I don't wake up in the night anymore and I awaken with no grogginess completely rested.
It has a noticeable effect if taken during the day, and also a positive impact on sleep and next day cognitive function if taken an hour or so before sleep.
Has helped me get a better nights sleep when I take this.


I was having difficulty remembering names and other things so thought I would give it a try. I’m on my second bottle and I have noticed improvement in my recall capacity.
Increased cognitive function, memory recall and overall daily energy
I notice that it helps me to remember what it is that I wish to say immediately. No more brain fog.

Performance profiles

See all dimensions of product efficacy observed by consumers.

Consumer observations

See positive effects, negative effects and burden associated with product use.

Key point analysis

Quantitative summary of consumer product commentary complemented with explicit citations to support the key points.

Marketplace and product intelligence.

Newos provides comparative product data that drives innovation and market positioning.

Product Comparison

This score indicates the percentage of health observations reporting this result.

Product A


Product B


Product C


Product D


Focus and Alertness










Topline product similarities

Each product on the left is likely to help maintain focus and alertness with a majority of consumers.

Variance and discovery

Find significant differences in secondary and tertiary dimensions of product efficacy across otherwise similar products.

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